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Networks and communications laying

Laying pipes and communications

Services for laying pipes and other communications by various methods and technical support in Kyiv at the best prices

The laying of communications is an integral part of any construction. A comfortable life of a modern person is impossible without engineering systems, therefore any developer must carefully work out this issue even at the stage of developing a building or structure project.

Laying of communications is carried out by specialized construction companies. AVTOGRAN company is a reliable contractor who will quickly and efficiently perform all stages of laying communications. If you are interested in pipelines laying, the prices on our work will really please you. We have the necessary work experience, special equipment and a large staff of experienced specialists. Entrust this serious business to professionals! Communication methods:

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Examples of laying pipes, networks, communications

AVTOGRAN Group has its own fleet of equipment for laying networks, pipelines, storm sewers, digging pits and trenches, as well as soil removal.
Rental prices of the special equipment:

One of the most demanded construction services is pipelines. Hot and cold water, storm sewers and drains (storm drains) – in all these cases, pipes are irreplaceable. Even cable lines are often laid inside pipes in order to protect communications from moisture and mechanical damage. Considering that pipe-laying requires special skills and equipment, a professional company should be entrusted with such work.

Types of work on laying communications

According to their purpose, all pipelines used in everyday life and industry can be divided into several types:

Taking into account the method of laying, there is an open and closed method of laying. In the first case, pipes are laid on the surface of the earth and do not require opening the soil. This method is fast, but the mains are subject to aggressive external factors, including frost and sunlight, which is why such pipelines need additional finishing, insulation, and sometimes protection.

The second method involves the destruction of the landscape, the development of pits and trenches, excavation (manually or mechanized) and pipe laying. In this case designing, laying networks, requires significant costs and competent planning, however, it allows you to completely isolate pipes from the effects of the external environment. When treated with anti-corrosion materials, metal pipes can lie in the ground for decades with little or no damage.

  • Laying of networks in the cottage town Green Hills — backhoe loader CAT 444E
  • Laying of networks in the cottage town Green Hills — excavator Hitachi 330
  • Laying communications on Amosov Street in Kyiv

Since 2005 more than 70 projects have been implemented for laying networks and communications

Laying of pipes Kyiv, laying of the pipeline price, storm sewerage, cable lines

Construction machinery

Dump trucks: Volvo 420 FMX, Renault Kerax 380 и 420
Excavators: Komatsu 450, JCB 330
Hydraulic shears: FINE 45
Blackhoes: CAT 444E, CAT 444F2
Bulldozers: CAT D5K2, Б 10М.0111-1Е
Skid steer: Case 440
Roller: Hamm 3307


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