Demolition, asphalting, excavation, landscaping

We offer demolition services for old and dilapidated buildings. You can find out the prices for pits, ordering dump trucks, for industrial dismantling in Kyiv in any way:
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through the page of the new WEB-site "AVTOGRAN", or on the page Contacts of this WEB-site.

AVTOGRAN company has many years of experience in carrying out all types of work, related to industrial, residential and commercial construction in Kyiv, Kyiv region and throughout Ukraine — dismantling of buildings and structures, demolition of dilapidated houses, removal of the roadbed and crushing of rubble, asphalting, earthworks — quarrying of foundation pits, digging of trenches, laying of networks, pipelines and communications, transportation of soil, snow and construction waste, landscaping, vertical planning and landscape design, dismantling of foundations and digging pits for foundations of buildings.

The company has at its disposal heavy hydraulic hammer Komatsu, hydraulic shears, bucket excavator Hitachi, backhoe loader CAT — the quality and speed of our work is confirmed by successfully implemented projects. Cost of dismantling works for demolition of foundations, high-rise buildings, concrete piles, pillars, reinforced concrete structures — affordable enough and optimal for Kyiv and Kyiv region. In the Gallery of projects of our WEB-site, you can see more than 1000 videos and photos.

During the construction of residential complexes and cottage settlements, one of the most demanded services in Kyiv for our company is orders for quarrying of foundation pits and preparation of construction sites for construction. For this we use three- and four-axle Renault Kerax dump trucks, price for ordering dump trucks is also available on the page Special technics Rental and our WEB-site "Pits and Demolition". When trenching for networks, pipes and communications, we use a fleet of our own construction equipment — you can find out the rental prices for bulldozers and backhoe loaders, rental dump trucks. To order the service digging a pit — contact TOV "Avtogran" through the page Contacts. Our construction equipment, if necessary, works around the clock and on weekends.

As active road construction is being held in Ukraine, we provide asphalting services in Kyiv, as well as in other cities and towns. For example, our AVTOGRAN Company renovated the tramline crossing in Mykolaiv — replacement of the road surface and asphalting of the road were carried out. In Makarov, Kyiv region, in addition to the work of dump trucks for the removal of soil, rubble and construction waste, we used special technics for road works — soil rollers HAMM and large milling cutters WIRTGEN for paving. Detailed infos about prices for asphalt paving and costs of road repairs can be found via all available communication methods, on our WEB-sites and

Structure of activity

Earthworks with the special technics in the construction of a wood processing plant in Korosten
Ditches, removal of soil

Excavation works

Digging pits, trenches, canals; slopes. Soil grading, moving, laying, compaction, excavation, pouring — for all types of road construction, construction sites and foundations of buildings. Snow removal works

TOV 'Avtogran': dismantling the engineering structures of the plant 'Galakton' in Kyiv
Main specialization

Demolition of buildings

Dismantling of construction structures made of RC, brick, concrete and monolith, including hazardous buildings. The work is carried out by crawler excavators, hydraulic shears, hydrohammer. We provide any quantity of equipment

'Avtoran' Company: construction of water, sewer pipelines and communications
Slopes and trenches

Networks and communications

Designing and laying of networks: pipelines, water supply, heating, sewerage, sewage, rainwater, drains, cable networks. Expert evaluation of projects, assistance in preparation of documents and obtaining permits

Asphalting of the road in the cottage village Green Hills
Asphalt and concrete

Asphalting & paving

Dismantling, repair and restoration of pavement, laying of temporary road surfaces. Patching of roads, change of pavement (asphalt or concrete) and asphalting of construction sites. Road network designing

'Avtogran' Company: road works in Makarov
Road construction

Road works

Partial or complete replacement of road surface and road cushion. On-site crushing of the removed pavement (asphalt / concrete), transportation of gravel, soil and debris, rental of cranes, asphalt pavers and large milling machines

Landscaping for the Shopping Center 'Rayon'
All the activities


Planning of the territory under construction. Works on the installation of lighting systems. Greening, land improvement of local areas and lands adjacent to industrial enterprises. Landscape reconstruction

Construction waste during the dismantling of the building
Loading provided

Removal of debris and snow

We provide high performance and intensive project execution speed 24/7. Work of front-end and mini-loaders; trucks with the dumper volume: 16 m³ — Renault Kerax 380 (capacity 26 t), 20 m³ — Renault Kerax 440 (35 t)

Welding equipment Georg Fischer MSA 250 PLUS for welding plastic pipes
Georg Fischer MSA 250 PLUS

Construction equipment

Universal welding machine for electric (clutch), thermistor welding of plastic pipes and fittings with a diameter of 20-710 mm. Used for connecting polyethylene pipes PE 100+, PE 100, PE 80, PE 63

Large milling machine for removing of asphalt Wirtgen W 210 and Renault Kerax 380 dump truck. Complete pavement removal
Wide choice

Special technics rental

We rent construction and special equipment: excavators, loaders, rollers, hydrohammers, bulldozers, dump trucks. Manufacturers: JCB, Hamm (Wirtgen), Caterpillar (CAT), Komatsu, CASE, Renault

Our advantages

Flexibility in finding solutions

Реализовав более 100 проектов, из которых 20—крупные и масштабные, мы предлагаем заказчикам самые оптимальные решения задач—срочных и неординарных в том числе

High work speed

Own pool of special machines and long-term experience of effective interaction with the partner companies allow us to carry out works of any volume in a short time

On time project implementation

14 лет успешной работы в строительной индустрии. Группа компаний «Автогран»—участники реконструкции стадиона «Олимпийский». Нам доверяют проекты государственного уровня

Excavator-loader Caterpillar 434F2 on construction of the LPG gas filling station (propane-butane) in Baryshivka, Kyiv region

More than 140 projects completed in Ukraine

With 14 years of strong experience and an exact fulfillment of the cusomers' tasks, 'Avtogran' Group Company earned a reputation of a powerful & reliable partner.

  • Demolition of old and dilapidated buildings, dismantling of industrial facilities
  • Прокладка сетей и коммуникаций—водопровод, канализация, стоки
  • Asphalting of roads and construction sites, removal of construction waste and snow
  • Excavation works, greening, land improvement
  • Rental of construction machines & equipment of the best modern manufacturers

Frequently Asked Questions

The sooner you ask for advice on solving a specific engeneering problem, the faster we will implement your project

Certainly. We always offer a real solution to the problem. Note also that for its 14 years history, 'Avtogran' Group Company has earned a sufficient reputation in order not to engage in dumping.

Да. Наши самосвалы, бульдозеры, катки, экскаваторы с ковшами и гидромолотамиs представлены на странице сайта Special technics rental. Когда масштаб проекта и требования к срокам его реализации требуют очень высокой производительности работ, мы арендуем дополнительную строительную технику у наших партнёров—асфальтоукладчики Voegele, большие фрезы Wirtgen, дробилки щебня Terex Finlay, Powerscreen, автогрейдеры Caterpillar и другое.

Это самый тяжёлый в Киеве гидромолот весом 3.5 тонн — на базе нашего экскаватора Komatsu 450. Информацию и видео его работы можно посмотреть на странице Special technics rental. It is also often necessary to use a light version of the hydraulic hammer. Here we offer a hydraulic hammer weighing 600 kg on the basis of the excavator-loader CAT 444E.

Yes. Machinery & equipment are delivered on autoplatforms in any point of Ukraine and can work if necessary around the clock & without days off.

More questions?.. Please call us: +380 50 444 1146