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Demolition works

Dismantling works in Kyiv

Demolition and dismantling of buildings, houses of various sizes and complexity in Kyiv at competitive prices

Dismantling work is one of the most important components of construction work and is used when renovating housing stock, or when building new industrial facilities in place of old buildings. Almost no construction project can do without them, since the creation of any objects on the site where buildings are already located requires demolition.

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Demolition and dismantling examples

AVTOGRAN Group has its own park of construction equipment for dismantling houses and demolishing reinforced concrete structures.
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Demolition of buildings in Kyiv is a complex of special construction works that, as a rule, are not entrusted to construction companies without experience and incompetent performers — operators of complex dismantling equipment, since even the slightest mistake can lead to sad and even tragic consequences.

Qualified company performing industrial dismantling, ensures the success of the project and gives a guarantee that the work will be performed with high quality, on time, in compliance with all safety standards and construction work regulations.

Types of dismantling works

Depending on various factors (amount of work, materials from which the objects are built, need for processing and removal of construction waste), various approaches can be used for dismantling, which, if necessary, are combined:

The easiest to dismantle are works on the demolition of wooden structures. Brick and especially concrete buildings require serious preparation and competent use of existing construction equipment. Very often, in the process of dismantling, trucks are used to remove construction waste from the site — dump trucks. AVTOGRAN has dump trucks VOLVO 420 FMX 8x6, Renault Kerax 440 8X4 and Renault Kerax 380 6X4. All these questions should be considered in advance. Since rarely anyone succeeds in solving the dismantling problem on their own, it is much easier and safer to order the dismantling of a house, demolition of houses, foundations and buildings in the construction company AVTOGRAN, which owns its own fleet of special equipment.

Why choose us

By entrusting the dismantling work to the AVTOGRAN company, you are guaranteed to get an excellent result. We have many years of experience in dismantling, excavation, asphalting, etc. that accompany any construction. We carry out work not only in Kyiv and Kyiv region but also throughout Ukraine — in Vinnytsia region, Cherkasy, Sumy, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnieper, Zaporizhzhia, Rivne, etc. The availability of professional equipment and a large staff of experienced operators and specialists allows us to solve such problems as demolition of dilapidated houses, dismantling of buildings of any complexity and foundations. We also carry out earthworks, asphalting, laying networks, highways and storm sewers, provide transport services — we rent construction equipment.

  • Dismantling work on demolition of the house is carried out by a bucket excavator PC Komatsu 450 LC
  • Demolition of old structures of the Zoo in Kyiv. Bucket excavator JCB JS 360 LC
  • Dismantling work on the demolition of a house in a sanatorium in Kozin is carried out by a bucket excavator CAT 444E
  • Dismantling work on the demolition of a house in a sanatorium in Kozin is carried out by a PC Komatsu 450 LC bucket excavator loads concrete fragments into a dump truck Renault Kerax 380

More than 140 industrial dismantling projects implemented

AVTOGRAN company has many years of experience in carrying out all types of work associated with industrial, residential and commercial construction in Kyiv, in the Kyiv region and throughout Ukraine — dismantling of buildings and structures, demolition of dilapidated houses.

Construction machinery

Dump trucks: Volvo 420 FMX, Renault Kerax 380 и 420
Excavators: Komatsu 450, JCB 330
Hydraulic shears: FINE45
Blackhoes: CAT 444E, CAT 444F2
Bulldozers: CAT D5K2, Б 10М.0111-1Е
Skid steer: Case 440
Roller: Hamm 3307


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