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Special equipment rental

Special machinery and equipment

AVTOGRAN company offers its own construction equipment for dismantling, earthworks, asphalting and laying networks

In modern construction, one cannot do without construction equipment. Thanks to her, it was possible to significantly speed up all processes at the construction site. But special equipment is also needed for other purposes, for example, for dismantling buildings, laying city networks, pipelines and highways. In this case, the rental of special equipment will be an effective solution to the issue. Buying cars to demolish several buildings is an illogical and financially unjustified decision. Renting equipment in AVTOGRAN building company will allow you to solve various construction problems at optimal prices.

The main advantages of working with our company

For many years, our company has been providing a wide range of services that must be performed before the start of construction or after its completion (dismantling, laying pipes, networks and highways, laying asphalt). One of the most demanded services is the rental of special equipment. The heaviest FINE 45 hydraulic hammer in Kyiv, weighing 3.5 tons, based on the Komatsu 450 excavator, hydraulic shears, Hitachi bucket excavator, loaders CAT, dump trucks VOLVO and RENAULT – this is just a part of the technique that we have at our disposal. By contacting us, you get:

AVTOGRAN company offers its services to everyone who is interested in the rental of construction equipment with operators. Renting an excavator in Kyiv, like renting other equipment, is no longer a problem. We undertake all organizational work, you just need to fill out an application, outline the scope of work and indicate the place of their implementation. In cases where the purchase of special equipment is irrational, renting it will be an excellent solution for any construction project. For all questions, please call +38 (050) 444 1146 (Viber, WhatsApp):

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